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Boiler Club is an unconventional place in an unconventional setting, a storage tank for creative music and artists.
Placed in the former water injection room in the actual basement of The Paintbrush Factory (Fabrica de Pensule) / Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Boiler is well integrated in a cultural and nonconformist landscape. The Paintbrush Factory is a collective space of production and distribution of contemporary art as an independent cultural center. The project is initiated by a group of artists, curators, cultural managers and producers from Cluj, animated by the idea that art creates a real impact on the community.

BOILER adopts and promotes the urban industrial style in a minimalist and artistic tone. Maintaining its original architecture and a series of built-in elements belonging to the former injection room (concrete walls, engines, pipes, lighting installation, etc.) the club remodels the hardness of the location through brave influences in its interior and environmental design.

BOILER’s approach in music holds an „unconventional” etiquette regarding style, exploring a whole range of experimental, courageous and distinct sounds: Funky Breaks, Breaks, Nu Funk, Electro, Swing, etc.

CAPACITY: 300 people

Basement: 130 m² (bar + dance floor + stage)
Upper Floor: 70 m² (bar + lounge)

Friday Night – DJ Mix (DJ guests & residents)
Saturday Night – Live performance (band, DJ & band, etc.)